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Creating a Donut chart in Tableau

Use-case Steps for recreating the Donut chart example shared in Tableau community site. A donut chart representing the percentage of top customers by profit across product categories Steps 1. Create a new Tableau...


SQL String and number padded result

Creating a string and number padded result   SQL Server right and left padding select right(replicate(‘0’,10)+cast(25695 as varchar(15)),10) as lpad_number select left(cast(25695 as varchar(15))+replicate(‘0’,10),10) as rpad_number


Tableau Data blending Tips and best practices

As of September 14th 2014 Tableau data blending can be used to connect to two or more different data sources which contains related information. Examples: Connecting the transaction information in Oracle DB server with...


Tableau print tips and tricks

To print the entire result in a single page instead of going through multiple pages of result use In Print to PDF; Paper Size > Unspecified Pages Shelf When a print out is required...


Sorting in Tableau

Basic sort Right click on the discrete1 field in the rows or columns shelf 1 Sort can be performed only on discrete fields or measures which is converted to discrete The discrete field can...


Technology Transformation in Insurance Industry

Interesting podcast about Technology transformation challenges related to insurance industry. Discussion about the concerns over managing the legacy systems and transforming to the latest technologies. Tier-2 and Tier-3 companies are ahead in technology transformation....


Tableau Mobility – Approach

In Tableau, you do not have to do anything special to make a dashboard mobile. Simply publish to Tableau Server like you always have, and Tableau will detect if you’re using the Mobile app....