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A review as of May 21th 2015

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An attractive tool with a simple user interface for non-technical users to analysis well structured data. The tool does have many powerful features, that makes it easy for the end-user to analysis data. Some of the features that is interesting to me are explore functionality, export feature and story functionality.

Explore functionality is found commonly in many upcoming Business Intelligence and data insights platforms, one of my other favorite tools having this is IBM Watson Analytic’s. Definitely an attractive feature. This functionality processes the data and provides a list of charts that aids the users by giving them an exhaustive ways to analysis their data. The search feature helps in focusing on a specific topic my need.



Enjoyed using the export feature. The feature at present just provides an image export. The image export is well thought through. Created a crowded pie chart and the feature does a good job labeling all the sections of the chart.


The Story functionality in liveStories is definitely one of its kind. Integrating data visuals to a website layout as been a big ask from various business teams I have worked with. This site can be shared through social-media platforms and looking forward for a functionality using which the page can be embedded inside other existing webpages and internal sites. This makes it easier for users to tell stories better, a good description with an interactive visual will go a long way conveying a message to users.


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