Social media analytics – Online news industry

Social media has become a major platform that business use to evaluate customer relationships.

For this project, we used Twitter feeds to understand how online news industry is function.

The goal for this project was to find ways by which the online news industry can improve their revenue.

We used a balance scorecard approach to support the goal. Conducted analysis concentrating on perspectives like finance, customer, internal process, and learning and growth opportunities.

The analysis pointed out that customers twitter communications containing reference to the news agency could be helpful.

Customers interaction can be used to understand which kind of articles are been well conceived. Carried out analysis taking into account various interesting parameters, which twitter records.

Article trends and performance helped us understand how events could influence users. The articles temporal information was limited but we were able to use language properties to classify users.

There was presence of group of articles and user by the category of the article. The users were interested in certain types of articles, which drilled down even to the topic.

The devices the users used also affected what there interest was. The devices could help us classify users and there interest on the type of articles. The device level analysis opened up opportunities, which the companies can capitalize.

The propagation of the articles from online sources, social media platforms and twitter users helped us some interesting patterns.

It was interesting to see how our social media behaviors could be used for making business decisions.


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