F1 visa interview experience – Chennai Fall 2012

Date: 7th May 2012 (Monday)
Time slot: 7.30 A.M
Time – In
I reached visa office around 6.45 A.M and the security guided me to the queue which was getting in.
Things not to be taken in
You can’t take your mobile phone, any kind of bag (Ladies can take a small purse) inside. You are allowed to take the file in a plastic cover.
First security clearance
In the security booth need to give your
  1. DS 160 Confirmation Letter
  2. Appointment letter
  3. Passport
(Make sure if the bar codes are printed properly)
(DS-160 would look better if you take a color print out since it will be the major paper they handle)
After they verify it they will give you back the papers along with a token slip.
Entry into the first building
After the security check you will be sent in and your files will be checked (Don’t take closed envelops, CD’s, Pen drive and any kind of electronic device)
You will be seated inside where you will have booths in front of you and your token numbers will be flashed on a screen, you must move to the corresponding counter and there they will ask for your
  1. DS 160 Confirmation Letter
  2. Appointment letter
  3. Passport
  4. HDFC Receipt
  5. I-20 from the university
In the counter they will verify your papers and will take the bar code sticker from the HDFC receipt and will stick it on your passport and will write a reference number on your DS-160 confirmation letter will wrap it as a bundle using a rubber band and will ask you to wait.
Finger print scan
After this they will direct you to the scanning area where they will scan both your right and left hand fingers.
(instruction will be provided)
They will indicate the completion of this process in your DS-160 confirmation letter with a tick on it.
Next Building
In the next building they will make you wait in a similar place where you will have to go to booths based on the token numbers displayed on the screen.
Here I had my interview but generally here they had document verification and you will have to go to another location for your interview.
Not sure whether the document verification is wavered.
For the document verification from whatever I found they will ask for your
  1. Degree Certificate
  2. GRE score sheet
  3. TOEFL score sheet
My Interview Experience
Me: Good Morning mam (I gave the bundle in rubber band to the VO)
VO: Good Morning how are you?
Me: I am fine. How are you? (With a smile)
VO: I am fine too (With a smile)
VO: So what course have you taken?
Me: MS in Management Information System
VO: Why Management in information system?
Me: It’s a course which suits my profile and it gives me scope to explore management and enhance my technical skills.
VO: What’s your UG percentage?
Me: 76%
VO: when did you complete your UG?
Me: 2010
VO: What did you do in the meantime?
Me: I am working for inautix an IT company and I play a role of an applications developer in a business process management project which is something in-line to MIS course which I am going to purse.
VO: Why do you have to leave a job now to do your master?
Me: To move to a role like Business Analyst it would take me around 6 years but after I complete this course I can land up in to such profile easily.
VO: How are you sponsoring your study period?
Me: My parents are funding me and I do have an education loan as my backup.
VO: What’s there annual income and nature of work?
Me: around 7.5 lakhs, they are proprietors of a farm land and an export’s business, we also have agricultural land and residential plots which has been a major source of income
VO: Your visa is sanctioned you will get it in 6 working days (The VO returned my I-20)
Me: Thanks a lot.
The VO was friendly and very audible; she repeated her question again if we couldn’t follow it.
P.S. I have tried to summarize my entire experience and they are possibilities for me missing out something here and you might have a different procedure to be adhered on the day.
All the best
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