Web the laboratory of human impulse

Web the laboratory of human impulse

(A topic inspired from a lecture by Professor SudharamMIS 587; Business Intelligence)

 With online activities becoming an essential part of our day-to-day activity, we are leaving behind a lot of information about us in the web. Different companies have been leveraging the data available in the web, majorly the data present in social media sites. This article is about an news agency and how they leverage the web.


News agency New York Times have been doing research on Tweets. It uses an analysis tool called Cascade which analysis the pattern in which New York Times online articles are shared on the web.

Cascade creates a structure which depicts how the published articles propagates in the social media space. This gives them a multi-dimensional view of how the published articles as been conceived by the public. This would be a great platform for them to understand their audience. This gives the news agency the opportunity to understand how long a story published lives in the social media space.

The tool captures the activities like retweets, replies to the tweets posted by the editors or writers. It also captures tweets which contains the URL to articles published in the New Yorks times website. The tool can capture more interesting data as public share the articles along with their opinion in it.This tool would be available as a Software as a Service, part of the New York Times enterprise initiative; which would capture enterprise bit.ly links shared in through twitter and help organisation capture their social presence in twitter.

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