SQL Server Integration Services – Introduction

In SQL Server 2008 Business Intelligence Studio is used to create the SSIS packages (Programs). It is the client side application. In SQL Server 2012 SQL Server data tools can be used to create SSIS projects.

Deployment are manifest of files, which is created in the developers computer and sent to the production environment or other computers.

Package deployment can be done in the 1. command line 2. SQL Server 3. SQL Agent

Command Line dtexec cmd can be used



Design Tab


The major sections of the Design tab of Data tools are

1. Control Flow

2. Data Flow

3. Event Flow

4. Package Explorer

5. Connection Manager


Control flow is procedure or the flow in which a package is executed. It need not be a linear execution. Control flow is made of task and/or containers.

Data flow is encapsulation of the data flowing between the source and destination. Within this en-capsule the data can be transformed, cleaned and modified.


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